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Cold-Process Artisan Soaps



Pumpkin Seed Oil Soap wrapped in dyed Habotai Silk

"Arizona" scent

Unscented with Poppy seeds

Masculine scents with earthly colors and botanical exfoliatnts

Artisan quality cold-process soap is the best soap you can buy. It is a long lasting, fine textured soap that retains all of it's natural glycerin.

A soaper devotes a lot of time to creating a recipe that has a good balance of desirable characteristics. Different oils impart different qualities to the final soap. You want a nice hard bar that will last a long time, but not so hard it's brittle. A soap that cleanses well, but not so well that it dries your skin.

My handmade soaps are a delight to the senses and a treat for your skin.

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My soap is available at retail locations around the Puget Sound and is also made per customer request. Handmade soap makes a thoughtful gift and is affordable enough for personal daily use. Samples are available.

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Wholesale terms are generous with small minimums. No extra charge for specific scent requests or themed bars for your special retail needs.

Hand-shaped soap shavings

Packaged Pinapple Soap

White Chocolate soap with decorative touches

Ginger and Lime scented soap with exfoliating Kelp

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